3/8/2011: Flexible Archiving that Adapts to Your Needs

ARTEC IT Solutions unveils the EMA® cloud service with usage-based billing

Hanover / Karben, 04.03.2011 – ARTEC IT Solutions (www.artec-it.de) introduced the new EMA® Cloud-Service today, which offers tailored, legally compliant archiving of all data relevant to an organization. The service is based on ARTEC's proven EMA® modules and combines the advantages of a secure, highly available archiving system with the technical and financial flexibility offered by cloud-based solutions. Customers can select the EMA® modules they wish to use, allowing them to tailor the solution to their actual needs (e.g. archiving e-mail messages, documents, files, or performing global searches for all types of content in an organization). This allows organizations to put together a perfectly optimized system for digital information management. The number of users and the desired period of use can also be freely defined.

The EMA® cloud service is also particularly suitable for organizations seeking to avoid a high initial investment. Billing is based on usage per user, which provides transparency and full cost control. Fully encrypted data exchange and the proven security features EMA® offers provide protection against manipulation and misuse of archived information. EMA® flexibly integrates into existing IT infrastructures and can be administered with a minimum amount of effort.

Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG: "There are many reasons cloud computing currently one of the big trends in the IT sector. Organizations should, however, keep an eye on security when entrusting their information to the cloud. For legal reasons alone, unauthorized access to archived information by third parties must be prevented effectively. Some existing cloud-based solutions have significant shortcomings in this area and can be a potential security risk. This is why we consequently designed our solution to use a private cloud. Furthermore, EMA® also offers specialized security features for use within public Clouds and the respective IT environments. This ensures that our customers remain independent of the underlying infrastructure and remain in control over their own data. One thing was clear to us from the start: if we're going to implement a cloud-based solution, then we will do it correctly, and, above all, securely."

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