11/25/2014: ARTEC IT Solutions Provides New Cloud Solutions

Digital Information Management and Archiving – VSTOR® and EMA® via Direct or Private Cloud

Karben, Germany, November 25, 2014 – ARTEC IT Solutions, a specialist for BIG DATA, eDiscovery, digital information management and long-term archiving, has significantly expanded its secure cloud products with special security features. In addition to ARTEC's existing private cloud solutions, the EMA® (legally compliant, source and format independent archiving of business information, such as e-mail messages, documents, or voice recordings) and VSTOR® (digital information management for companies and organizations) product lines are now also available in new direct cloud configurations.

ARTEC's new direct cloud solutions enhance the company's existing private cloud solutions, which have traditionally given the customer complete control over the entire infrastructure. Depending on the customer's preference, the new direct cloud solutions can be hosted in either ARTEC's own data centers, or in data centers operated by a certified partner. Security risks, such as those often found in conventional public cloud solutions, are eliminated. Customer data is protected with the highest levels of security by ensuring that it is kept in data centers located within the customer’s national economic region. This means that customer data is never transmitted across borders, and that it can never end up in non-national jurisdictions. Security is further enhanced using Trusted Computing technology. This technology provides comprehensive protection against unauthorized access to data in the cloud and is one of several unique features of ARTEC's products.

Companies and organizations benefit from high flexibility, universal access, and quick and easy scalability. ARTEC's cloud solutions quickly adapt to changing requirements, and make it possible to operate a safe and efficient IT infrastructure without costs spiraling out of control. Hardware upgrades become unnecessary and administrative overhead is substantially less time consuming when compared to functionally equivalent solutions. Another advantage is the transparent price structure. Customers only have to pay for what they actually use; expensive up-front investments are unnecessary.

As a German company, ARTEC is required to follow Germany's strict data protection regulations, which means that the company takes special care to ensure customer data is handled securely. Using direct cloud, data is stored exclusively in our company-owned data centers, or in data centers operated by our certified partners.

The new cloud solutions are also available to all of ARTEC's resellers. Resellers can offer them to their customers in cooperation with ARTEC, or become full Managed Service Providers by operating ARTEC's solutions in their own certified data centers.

Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG, comments: "Right from the start, we decided that if we are going to put our solutions in the cloud, we will only do it in a way that is secure. Our direct cloud and private cloud services will never compromise security for convenience."


ARTEC IT Solutions' latest cloud offerings are available immediately. All solutions are based on the customer's requirements. The best and most economical solution is determined by thoroughly analyzing the customer's exact needs.

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