12/8/2009: ARTEC Certifies IBM Storage Devices for Operation with EMA® Archive Appliance

Comprehensive Certification Program to Provide Certainty for Users

Karben near Frankfurt am Main/Germany, December 8, 2009. The German business continuity specialist ARTEC certifies a number of IBM’s fiber channel (FC) storage devices for operation with ARTEC’s EMA® Archive Appliance. This step is part of a comprehensive certification program launched by ARTEC in order to provide certainty for users. The company has set up a thorough testing procedure and will successively certify all essential manufacturers for operation with EMA® Archive Appliance. As of now, the following IBM FC storage devices receive the certificate for seamless operation with EMA® Archive Appliance:

  • DS3400
  • DS4700
  • N-Series N5200
  • SVC 2145
  • XIV 2810-A14

"We would like to provide users with the certainty that their existing storage infrastructure works fine with our archive appliance", comments Friedhelm Peplowski, Director Sales and Marketing at ARTEC. "Our objective is to go beyond the status of a mere marketing claim and substantiate that with a proper testing procedure. We are nevertheless absolutely sure that EMA® may be used flexibly with any given hardware infrastructure."

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