10/21/2009: New EMA® Release 3.6 Optimizes Reliability and Administration of Archive Appliance

  • Hot-Standby Provides More Flexibility for Synchronization of Standby-Devices
  • Upgrade for Appliances in Use Available
  • Management of Appliance Even More Comfortable

Karben near Frankfurt/Germany, October 21, 2009. The Business- Continuity-Specialist ARTEC launches version 3.6 of its archive appliance. With this new version the German based manufacturer enhances the reliability and administration of its appliance. The most important innovation of this new version is the optional Hot- Standby-feature which provides more flexibility for the synchronization of standby-devices. Existing clients may purchase this new feature for their installed appliances via their resellers. Other enhancements improve the appliance’s integration into existing infrastructures, the use of the device’s internal storage, and other administrative features.

The new Hot-Standby-feature in EMA® 3.6 provides more flexibility for the synchronization of standbydevices.

Hot-Standby provides EMA®-users with the opportunity to synchronize standby-devices either manually or automatically on the basis of a set schedule. By the help of an independently generated index in the standby-device, it is now possible to drastically reduce the time span to full operability after an outage. With this functionality ARTEC depicts an Active-Passive-Cluster-approach in the appliance.

Furthermore, EMA® 3.6 offers the controlled option to shutdown or activate additional replacement devices. EMA® replicates all de- layed events, so that no data loss occurs during the replacement and the archiving can be continued seamlessly.

In version 3.6, ARTEC has also extended the Multipathing-compatibility of the appliance: Among others, the platforms of HP, IBM and NetApp are now certified for operation. Moreover, the raid system for the internal cache can now be repaired on precaution. This may be done after the reception of an alert message, when the system is not yet damaged.

Aside from that, EMA® 3.6 also features an expanded support of formats in regards to indexing, including Microsoft Works, Word- Perfect, and HWP. This allows for the effortless indexing of the Hangul-Office-Package, which is very popular in Korea.

Yet more flexibility EMA® 3.6 offers in regards to Print-to-Archive: To facilitate the integration of the device into existing infrastructures, printer clearances and ports may now be entered freely via an HTTP-connection.

With version 3.6 the EMA® Enterprise Importer also supports Windows 7 along with its display possibilities. A significant advantage concerns the selection of sources: The Importer can now handle RFC822 accounts without an obligation to assign an EMA® account to the source. However, users can modify where EMA® has to collect the information for the assignment of an account. This facilitates the import of old, unstructured archive data into the current archive and makes its assignment to the right users easier.

"The development of EMA® continues to be quick", explains Friedhelm Peplowski, Director Sales and Marketing at ARTEC IT Solutions. "We would like our partners and clients to benefit from new features as early as possible. That is why we are advancing with determination when it comes to the enhancement of our EMA® Archive Appliance”.

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