10/1/2009: State Officials Have ARTEC Demonstrate Possibilities of Long Time Archiving of VoIP Data

  • Hessian Secretaries Eva Kühne-Hörmann, Arts and Science, and Dieter Posch, Economy, Receive Business Continuity Specialist
  • Legally Compliant Archiving of VoIP Data Promoted By German Federal State of Hesse
  • Independent Consultancy Unit provet Works Closely With ARTEC

Karben near Frankfurt/Germany, Oktober 1, 2009. Hessian Secretary of Arts and Science Eva Kühne-Hörmann and Secretary of Economy Dieter Posch had the Business Continuity specialist ARTEC demonstrate the possibilities of regulatory compliant archiving. The fifth partner meeting 2009 of the promotion program "Hessen Modell- Projekte" in Wiesbaden provided the opportunity. This program constitutes the frameworks for the German federal state of Hesse to support an innovative ARTEC project for legally compliant archiving of VoIP data.

Friedhelm Peplowski, Director Sales and Marketing at ARTEC, provides an insight into the possibilities of legally compliant long time archiving of VoIP data for the Hessian secretaries Eva Kühne-Hörmann and Dieter Posch.

The need for legally compliant arching of VoIP data arises in branches like the call center industry and many others. However, issues like privacy and abuse of data may not be passed over. So the subject matter is very sensitive to begin with, and many issues need to be considered, including constitutional stipulations to protect the confidential nature of conversations. To pay consistent attention to all critical aspects in regards to the new product, ARTEC works closely with provet. Provet is a scientific research and consultancy unit at the University of Kassel and provides expertise with regards to the lawful design and use of IT and telecommunications technologies.

A first study of the renowned data privacy expert Professor Dr. Alexander Rossnagel, who holds a chair for public law at the University of Kassel/Germany, praises the appliance for ist applied data protection and security measures. The study concludes that the appliance is better than today’s average practice in that regard.

"In the age of the internet, legally compliant archiving of electronic data plays an ever more important role in every organization. As a specialized manufacturer, ARTEC expands ist portfolio to offer a Voice-To-Archive product. This top notch technology is also being promoted by the program of the Hessen Agentur. ARTEC’s patented digital signatures allow for the legally compliant archiving of voice and telephony data and ist easy retrieval by a mouse click", explains Jerry Artishdad, Managing Director, ARTEC IT Solutions.

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