9/7/2009: ARTEC Releases EMA E-Mail Archive Appliance® Version 3.5

  • Enhanced Web Interface
  • Improved Search Functionality
  • Optimized Handling of Storage Locations
  • Better Import Functionality

Karben (near Frankfurt/Main), September 7, 2009. The business continuity specialist ARTEC has released version 3.5 of its E-Mail archive appliance EMA®. Among other things, the solution provider from Karben has optimized the web interface, the search feature, the handling of storage resources, as well as the import of existing E-Mail. These features improve the overall usability of the appliance.

In EMA® 3.5, users can use the enhanced web interface to open a preview of E-Mail messages directly via the browser. This eradicates the need to launch an external E-Mail client to view messages. Users also have the possibility to save search definitions in order to reuse them later. This feature was previously only available to administrators, who can now also make their saved search definitions available to users. Indexing with to-the-minute precision gives users and administrators greater flexibility when having to act quickly to restore E-Mail and documents.

ARTEC has invested a lot of effort in extending the handling of storage resources. Aside from Fibre Channel, iSCSI, CIFS, and NFS (which have been supported for a long time), EMA® can now also use SSH shares to store its archive or backups. The enhanced consistency check now has support for repairing local erroneous files by replacing them with consistent versions from a remote storage location. EMA® version 3.5 also introduces encryption for storage groups (iSCSI/Fibre Channel) in order to protect volumes against the malicious or accidental deletion of files. This allows EMA® to provide software WORM functionality as defined by American legislation.

The import of existing E-Mail into the archive has also been improved in version 3.5. Users can now import messages from Mozilla Thunderbird and from folders containing messages in RFC822 format (EML files). Next to these improvements, several minor additions help give EMA® 3.5 the finishing touch.

PDF (German, 21 kB)
PDF (English, 20 kB)