3/11/2009: ARTEC Appliances Seamlessly Support iSeries and AIX

Native Support Bridges Tricky Workflows

Karben, March 11, 2009. As of now, ARTEC provides native support for IBM iSeries and AIX-systems for its e-mailmanagement solutions and archive appliances. This makes the appliance products of the German headquartered specialist for IT security and data management even more flexible. With this new technology, the installation of the ARTEC appliances under iSeries and AIX-systems can be limited to just a few hours.

The iSeries- and AIX-support is available for both - EMA® and the new CMP-solution by ARTEC. CMP is a single-mail-backup-andrestore- appliance, whereas EMA® provides an economically smart approach to regulatory compliant e-mail- and document archiving. Both solutions are available in different versions for businesses of all sizes.

Overall, ARTEC-appliance-products are marked by their flexibility, quick installation, and easy operation. That applies especially in the Lotus Notes environment. In that segment, users may protect and archive their entire e-mail traffic – including internal e-mails. Yet configuration and deployment of the solutions is simple and does not require much effort in terms of adaptation.

"With this new extension we address a customer need which we came across many times in the market", states Friedhelm Peplowski, Director Sales and Marketing at ARTEC. "iSeries- and AIX-users are very convinced of these platforms yet they request less adaptation effort for secondary applications."

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