3/10/2009: Appliance as a Service by ARTEC Provides Cost Efficient Opportunity For Data Protection and Archiving

  • New Approach Supplies Clear Advantages over Conventional SaaS-Models
  • Users Keep Full Control over their Data

Karben, March 10, 2009. With Appliance as a Service (AaaS) ARTEC now offers customers a cost efficient way to protect and compliantly archive business critical data. Under the terms of the offering, AaaS-clients receive an appliance on demand. Other than with conventional SaaS-models though, customers thereby keep full control over their data. AaaS is available in different versions and starts at a price of less than 200.00 Euros per month.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) idea is widely spread and catches on even in the environment of data protection and archiving. In this sector, however, the idea comes with a serious problem: SaaS-models always imply that the data basis is being handled or stored in an external data center. And that is even then problematic when encryption or other security technologies are in place, because the proprietor must rely on third parties and does therefore not have full control over their data. That is particularly questionable in reference to regulatory compliant archiving.

The new AaaS-model by ARTEC addresses this issue. Users receive an appliance on demand, which provides them with the ability to determine what happens with their data and how their archive may be modified. The contracts may be adjusted to the clients’ needs so that they may respond to potential changes in their organizations at any time – whether it is about a contract extension, a system upgrade or any other requirement they may have.

With AaaS users may benefit from the advantages of the ARTEC appliance products without having to make a bigger initial investment. These benefits include secure AES encryption as fixed content, digital time and date stamps, the four-eye-principle, and a comfortable search engine to easily locate the requested content. The solutions are platform independent and may be deployed without much installation effort. Furthermore, users can retrieve data and e-mails at any time with a simple mouse click and no help of a system administrator.

"With AaaS we respond to an important market trend and eliminate a critical problem that is attached to it”, says Friedhelm Peplowski, Director Sales and Marketing at ARTEC. "SaaS is an interesting approach for clients, yet user must not be subject to disadvantages as far as the control over their data is concerned. Moreover, when we put our offering together we made a point to adapt it to the varying needs of our clients. AaaS can grow with the user’s organization and may be customized to meet the constantly changing requirements of our clients".

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