4/23/2008: Interop Las Vegas 2008: ARTEC Presents EMA® E-Mail and Document Archive Appliance

Device Addresses Compliance Issues Comprehensively

Karben/Germany, April 23, 2008. Business continuity specialist ARTEC seizes the opportunity provided by Interop to present its email and document archive appliance EMA® for the first time in the US. EMA® is a comprehensive archive appliance and covers the needs of all business sizes from small to enterprise. Unlike other existing products, EMA® is easy to deploy and does not require any changes on existing IT infrastructures. Equipped with a number of unique features like easy search, encryption, digital signatures, or the 4 Eye Principle, EMA® offers the right solution to solve the business needs of e-mail usability, single mail backup & restore, and compliant long-term archiving of e-mails and documents. With a fully new approach, EMA® is based on IT standards and allows working with any existing mail server and any storage technology such as NAS, SAN, iSCSI and FC.

EMA® will be presented at the upcoming Interop from April 27 through May 2 at Mandalay Bay Convention Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada. ARTEC welcomes visitors at its booth 2314. "We are thrilled about our market entry in the United States”, says Friedhelm Peplowski, Director Sales and Marketing at ARTEC. "We are convinced that EMA® is going to be a great success, because EMA® is the right solution when dealing with compliant archiving, data protection, and ease of use.”

EMA® archives all: incoming, outgoing and internal e-mails – in combination with any mail server including Lotus Notes. Unlike other solutions, which separate e-mails into the components header, body and attachments, EMA® archives all data in their original format as fixed content. An extensive security concept completes the solution: by means of digital time and date stamps, EMA® signs all documents while encrypting the content to achieve maximum data security. This security concept allows the prove of authenticity of archived data in a lawful manner. Every user will be the owner of their own archive with the ability to name delegates. In addition, the Print-to-Archive functionality expands the solution to become a complete document archive appliance.

The storage management concept and built in Volume Manager allows the integration of iSCSI, SAN and Fibre Channel devices. The Volume Manager combines and manages the different storage technologies so that a migration, enlargement, expansion or a deduction of volumes is now possible at any time.

Account Management Extended

 EMA® automatically learns intelligently – and without the intervention of the administrators – all e-mail accounts after the system configuration. The latter is just a matter of minutes. On this basis, EMA® can manage all associated accounts, create groups and master-accounts. A feature quite useful after address adjustments, changes or for users with multiple e-mail accounts.

Single Sign-On Integrated

EMA® users can benefit from a Single-Sign-On-procedure (SSO). In other words: it is now possible to log on to EMA® directly out of Outlook or a browser without re-entering user data. User names and passwords do no longer need to be generated on-demand in EMA®. Instead they are being checked live against the running system. EMA® supports any SSO technology such as HTTP Clients Certificates, SmartCards, PKI, Cerberos, NTLM, or Ticket- Server

LDAP Support Expanded

 ARTEC has significantly expanded EMA®’s’ LDAP support functionalities (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). The LDAP use may now be configured on detail and be adapted on the basis of each individual user. EMA® also supports any type of authentication method: from MS Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Lotus Domino Server, SSH, HTTP, Radius or even a Fileserver.

Enterprise E-Mail Import Assistant Transfers Existing Data to the Archive

The new Enterprise E-Mail Importer guarantees the archiving of huge volumes of existing e-mail data which may have accumulated over a longer period of time. The Importer accepts account lists in text files for iMAP-servers, searches entire file servers for PST-files and Outlook archives, and can automatically import complete Exchange Servers into the archive by the help of Active Directory queries. Moreover, the Importer provides automated assignment of accounts and files to EMA® accounts. A preliminary emulation secures the success, and an extensive final report documents the measures taken.

Consistency Check for Correct Archiving

The new Consistency Check feature lets administrators determine, whether data on external resources is properly archived. EMA® identifies existing problems and can resolve many of them right away. In addition, EMA® generates an audit report containing information about identified and resolved problems. This reporting procedure may be automated. But as it is being signed and archived as all the other data it may also serve as a piece of documented compliance evidence and thereby highlight the extra care applied when it comes to dealing with critical business data.

Delegation Feature Supplements Roles and Rights Concept

A new feature is the delegation function which supplements the existing roles and rights concept: users can thereby make their account available for other users. The function supplies means to set up from when to when access is granted and what functions (browse, download, export, etc.) the delegate may use. This provides a more effective management of multiple user accounts which can now be shared between several users.

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