12/17/2007: EMA® Presented at Conference of German Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology – Jerry Artishdad Demonstrates Appliance Approach for Compliant Archiving

Jerry Artishdad Demonstrates the Appliance Concept as a Legally Defensible Approach to Archiving

Karben, 17 December 2007. Jerry Artishdad presented the appliance EMA® in a conference titled "Legally Secure Electronic Archiving: Scanning, Converting, Archiving" hosted by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology. The focus of his talk on "Transformations in E-Commerce," was about the appliance approach to secure archiving of e-mail messages and documents. The federal ministry has released a guide to aid businesses in their efforts to securely archive important business processes. EMA® already takes into account the requirements set out by this guide.

Moreover, EMA® guarantees the fidelity of archived data and provides users with a tamper proof certificate that may be used to authenticate data. The appliance is available in various different versions, allowing small and medium sized enterprises access to technology for the compliant archiving of sensitive business data.

E-Mail and Document Archiving

The appliance archives all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and also supports Lotus Notes. Unlike other solutions EMA® does not separate the header, body and attachments. Instead, it archives the message as a whole. All the while data security is ensured through the use of a comprehensive security concept. EMA® signs all documents using digital date and time stamps. Afterwards, documents are encrypted as fixed content using 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption. Even system administrators are no longer able to change the contents of the archive. The aim is to provide users with an tamper-proof certification of the authenticity of archived material that could be used in legal proceedings.

ARTEC's patented Print to Archive® and Scan to Archive® functionality allows users to add documents to the electronic archive as part of a normal print or scan job. To use this functionality, all that needs to be done is to define one or more printers or scanners as "archiving devices." No changes to existing software or hardware are necessary.

Four-Eye-Principle Adds Security Features

In addition to the previously mentioned security features, ARTEC's EMA® uses Four-Eye-Principle authentication to augment existing security features. This allows enhanced control over who is permitted to issue and manage administrator permissions. During the configuration of EMA®, users can define which actions may not be performed by a single person. Additionally, individual users may temporarily be granted additional permissions by having an administrator join their session. A list of the current permissions and privileges is available so that users have an overview of the tasks that they can perform without administrative intervention. The comfortable search functionality provided by EMA® allows users to find and restore required documents quickly and easily.

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