7/25/2014: it-inform: ARTEC at PDV-Systeme's In-House Trade Fair

This September, ARTEC will participate at the "it-inform" in-house trade fair held by its partner PDV-Systeme. The event held in Goslar on September 16, 2014 is particularly convenient for visitors from Lower Saxony, while the event held in Dachau on September 23, 2014, is convenient for visitors from Bavaria. At the fair, there will be ample opportunities for in-depth knowledge building and exchange on hot topics and current challenges. A number of other leading manufacturers active in the areas of software, storage, and IT security, will also attend as exhibitors.

Join ARTEC's experts and learn more about secure archiving with EMA® and modern information management with VSTOR® during a presentation accompanied by a live demonstration. Also take the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practical insights by seeing the actual solutions in operation. ARTEC's employees will also be available to answer individual questions.

For more information and to register, please visit the website of PDV-Systeme GmbH.