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12/18/2023: Attention: Fake e-mails to our partners
7/11/2023: Outlook extension
7/6/2023: Attention Swiss! Webinar by Belsoft Infortix and ARTEC IT Solutions
7/5/2023: Demo Apéro @ Steinfels Brewery
6/27/2023: ARTEC EMA®: The Swiss army knife of legally compliant archiving solutions
6/19/2023: Our team at the J.P. Morgan run - together to success!
3/13/2023: With EMA® to the electronic file folder
1/26/2023: Dependence on Microsoft - or better with EMA® the "golden copy"?
7/25/2022: Invisible data vault protects companies from cyber attacks
5/9/2022: Fully exploit the potential of your EMA® with the Premium Manufacturer System Check
12/14/2021: log4j vulnerability: Our ARTEC solutions are not affected
11/9/2021: Compatibility of family and career: ARTEC is "Family-Friendly Company Wetterau 2021
3/18/2021: After major fire in the cloud data center: Separate copy of all data is indispensable
12/2/2020: BSI Warns: New Attacks on the Home Office
11/9/2020: "8:30 Fridays - The Interview" with Jerry J. Artishdad.
10/23/2020: Digital Now: Secure up to 70 % subsidies for digitisation projects with EMA®
10/12/2020: Secure Funding Now: Use EMA® for Your Digitization Projects
8/31/2020: Teams Chats Deleted at KPMG: How To Secure Chats
7/29/2020: Don’t Let Cat Eat Your Data: Meow Attacks on Database Servers
7/23/2020: Illegal Data Retrieval? With Ema, Critical Information Remains Protected
3/20/2020: ARTEC Remains Available as Usual
11/28/2019: TPM-Fail: ARTEC Solutions Not Affected
8/12/2019: Pioneer in Data Security and Digitisation
4/3/2019: Easy Migration to SAP HANA
7/11/2018: "Teamplayer" - ARTEC Is New Partner of the EC Bad Nauheim
7/6/2017: J.P.-Morgan company run on 13 June in Frankfurt
5/17/2017: WannaCry attack: Backup or archive alone offer only limited protection
11/14/2016: Award for ARTEC CEO
11/3/2016: New ARTEC whitepaper: Legal aspects of e-mail archiving
10/27/2016: VAD distributor Api adds ARTEC to its portfolio
9/27/2016: Swiss reseller Swisspro relies on ARTEC
6/20/2016: ARTEC at J.P.Morgan company run in Frankfurt
6/3/2016: ARTEC at the in-house exhibition of Belsoft Infortix in Zurich
5/11/2016: ARTEC at IT-SECURITY Management & Technology Conference
4/21/2016: Workshop Series SHD System-Haus-Dresden GmbH | 2016 | Leipzig and Hamburg | Germany
4/4/2016: Klopfer Datennetzwerk GmbH Customer Event
3/31/2016: ARTEC Joins House of IT
2/26/2016: Legally Compliant Archiving with EMA® from ARTEC at NetApp TechDemo
2/19/2016: ARTEC Releases Preventive Update to Fix Glibc Vulnerability
2/17/2016: ARTEC IT Solutions Starts Switchover Campaign for Users Using the Discontinued Google Search Appliance
2/8/2016: "Touch the Future" in Zurich: ARTEC at Swisspro In-House Exhibition
2/2/2016: ARTEC at Medialine AG's EXPO:nord in Hamburg
1/29/2016: ARTEC at CeBIT 2016
1/15/2016: ARTEC Kick-Off Meeting 2016: A Complete Success
11/19/2015: Trusted Computing: Stay Safe with ARTEC
10/28/2015: More Performance and More Possibilities: Hats off to ARTEC OS 5.0
10/27/2015: ARTEC at Medocino's In-House Trade Fair in Hamburg
10/27/2015: VIP Event with Czech Distributor
10/23/2015: ARTEC APAC at 32nd Information Conference in Korea
10/23/2015: After Work Event at ARTEC USA!
10/8/2015: TEFO’15 – Technology Forum in Switzerland
8/13/2015: ARTEC at IT Security Expo it-sa 2015
8/13/2015: IT Boat Tour with ARTEC and fat
8/4/2015: Roadshow for Resellers
6/29/2015: Where are DMS and ECM Development Headed?
6/22/2015: Event Series "Unstrukturierte Unternehmensdaten"
6/18/2015: On the Move: ARTEC at the JP Morgan Challenge
6/12/2015: Digital Document Storage at IT Transfer in Frankfurt
6/1/2015: ARTEC & Swisspro Inform About Big Data and Compliance in Zurich
5/5/2015: New at ARTEC: EMA®/VSTOR S60 and S120
4/24/2015: Megahertz Event in Switzerland: Der technische Wandel in vollem Gange
4/17/2015: ARTEC at the RSA Conference: Security with Trusted Computing
4/9/2015: ARTEC IT Solutions Signs Distribution Agreement with Sysob
3/12/2015: ARTEC at "IT Security Made in Germany" Road Show
2/12/2015: ARTEC at CeBIT 2015
2/3/2015: ARTEC to Participate at Vater IT Symposium Held at Hamburg Soccer Stadium
1/14/2015: Big Data Management in Prague
11/27/2014: Secure up to 40% Funding for Secure Information Management Projects in Saxony!
11/26/2014: EMA® and VSTOR®: New Direct Cloud Services
10/23/2014: Archiving Workshop in Dresden, Germany
10/13/2014: it-sa 2014: A Complete Success for ARTEC
10/6/2014: Digitized Textbooks: Big Data for Universities
10/2/2014: Security Update: ARTEC OS Version 4.93
9/24/2014: VSTOR® Vault: Storage Solutions by ARTEC
9/10/2014: Innovation and Creativity: ARTEC at Schmieders IT Talk
7/28/2014: In-House Event at Haltern am See: ARTEC at "Security meets Network"
7/25/2014: it-inform: ARTEC at PDV-Systeme's In-House Trade Fair
7/25/2014: ARTEC at it-sa 2014: Focus on Data Security
6/29/2014: ARTEC Partner Days at Phoenix Park in South Korea
6/18/2014: ARTEC at VSB Solutions GmbH's VSB Connect In-House Event
6/18/2014: On the Move: ARTEC at the JP Morgan Challenge
5/28/2014: Archiving and IT Law: First Swiss Compliance Forum in Zurich
5/22/2014: eDiscovery Technical Conference in South Korea: ARTEC at the Second Annual eDiscovery and Records Management Forum in Seoul
5/21/2014: ARTEC in Mexico: Partner Soluciona Successfully Shows EMA® at DataCenter Expo 2014
5/14/2014: Retention Requirements for Voice Data: ARTEC Provides Ready to Use Solution
5/5/2014: ARTEC to Participate at Day of Innovation at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy
4/28/2014: ARTEC Products Not Affected by "Heartbleed" SSL Security Vulnerability
4/2/2014: A Successful Trade Fair: Zorg & ICT
2/18/2014: Marco Widmann Joins ARTEC IT Solutions as Marketing Manager, Strengthens Team
2/14/2014: BIG DATA and Modern Information Management in the Health Sector
2/14/2014: Trade Fair Planning for 2014
1/24/2014: Great Interest in Cloud Solutions: Successful In-House Exhibition at GRASS-MERKUR
1/10/2014: Secure Cloud Archiving with ARTEC and GRASS-MERKUR
12/13/2013: New Business Development Manager
12/3/2013: Growing Channel Team
11/14/2013: Partnership: ARTEC Cooperates with Recall
10/14/2013: Storage Expo: ARTEC at Dutch Trade Fair
10/9/2013: Security Risks: ARTEC Warns About Liberal Use of Business Applications in the Cloud
9/15/2013: Certified for Secure Voice Archiving
8/15/2013: Event in Madrid: Learn About BIG DATA and Compliant Archiving by ARTEC
6/28/2013: New Distributor in the Czech Republic: Interface Security
6/28/2013: ARTEC Wins New Distribution Partner in Switzerland
6/19/2013: Well-Attended Day of Innovation
5/3/2013: ARTEC at the Day of Innovation at Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy
4/15/2013: ARTEC at IT & Media 2013 in Darmstadt, Germany
3/26/2013: CeBIT Once Again a Great Success for ARTEC
12/13/2012: ARTEC Warns About Risks in Virtual Infrastructures
12/10/2012: Trend BIG DATA: Strong Growth
6/14/2012: A Complete Success: An Assessment of the First ARTEC Partner Days
5/7/2012: A Complete Success: An Assessment of the First ARTEC Partner Days
4/23/2012: The First ARTEC Partner Days
3/12/2012: CeBIT 2012 - A Complete Success for ARTEC
3/6/2012: ARTEC Presents New VSTOR® product family at CeBIT
2/17/2012: ARTEC at CeBIT 2012: Information Management and "Big Data"
1/10/2012: A Focus on Notes: ARTEC IT Solutions at Lotusphere 2012
12/21/2011: An International Presence: ARTEC at EU Gateway in Japan
11/11/2011: Cloud Storage: ARTEC Urges Organizations to Pay Attention
10/3/2011: Invoices by E-Mail: Advanced Signatures are Sufficient
9/21/2011: CMP Enterprise: E-Mail Backup and Restore
9/6/2011: Expansion: ARTEC in the United States
8/18/2011: DAWODIS Joins as New Distributor
8/4/2011: Trusted EMA®: Maximum Protection for Archives
7/26/2011: Expansion of Distribution Channels
6/26/2011: Successful Trade Show Event in Las Vegas
4/7/2011: Announcement: Interop Trade Show 2011
3/10/2011: EMA® Cloud Service: Flexible Archiving that Adapts to Your Needs
3/8/2011: CeBIT 2011: Highly Successful for ARTEC
1/13/2011: Limitless Archiving: New High-End Models of
12/29/2010: Announcement: CeBIT 2011
5/20/2010: Archiving Ace: ARTEC at Interop in Las Vegas
5/10/2010: Exciting Research Results: Voice Archiving at ARTEC
5/6/2010: Higher Data Security: ARTEC Emphasizes on the Advantages of Appliance Solutions
2/18/2010: Distribution Partnership: ARTEC Cooperates with Zycko Networks
1/4/2010: Certificates: ARTEC Warns About Fraudulent Labeling
12/21/2009: Data Protection Needs 4-Eye-Principle
11/24/2009: Secretary of Justice Attempts to Regain Lost Trust
10/1/2009: Hessian State Officials Curious about EMA® Archive Appliance
7/6/2009: Administrators Sniffing about by the Help of Access Privileges
6/22/2009: Juristic Surveys Praise Legal Security of EMA® Appliance
6/1/2009: Air Force Generates New Data Scandal
4/27/2009: Data Privacy Continues to Gain Significance for Businesses
3/17/2009: Finnish Bosses May Check E-Mails
3/16/2009: ARTEC Sends Positive Signals from CeBIT 2009
2/9/2009: CeBIT 2009: ARTEC Displays Continuous Mail Protection at Booth A 38 in Hall 2
12/29/2008: Data Theft Booming At Christmas
12/15/2008: Search for Documents Takes up to 50 Percent of Users Working Time
10/28/2008: Publishing House Gets Impersonal with Personals
10/6/2008: Fine in Affair about Forged E-Mail
9/23/2008: Palin Case Illustrates Significance of Secure E-Mail Archiving
7/27/2008: Data theft does not require a Genius
6/30/2008: Sensitive Data of 500,000 German Citizens Openly Available on the Web
6/23/2008: Deutsche Telekom Asserts Data Security
6/12/2008: Data of German Union Available in Second-Hand Computer Store
4/14/2008: Interop Las Vegas 2008: ARTEC Presents EMA® 3.3
4/7/2008: EMA® Convinces CeBIT Visitors
2/12/2008: Compliance as a Stumbling Block
1/14/2008: Online Storage in Increasing Demand
11/26/2007: Extraordinary Use Case Demonstrates Need for Data Encryption
11/26/2007: Record Breaking: British Government Loses 25 Million Data Records
11/14/2007: Press Workshop: NetAPP/ARTEC - A Delicate Interplay of Legally Defensible E-Mail and Document Archiving
10/29/2007: Loss of Data Leads to Increased Spending of 20 Percent per Year
10/15/2007: EMA® Users Worry Less
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11/3/2016: New ARTEC whitepaper: Legal aspects of e-mail archiving

Revision security, retention periods and special regulations for private messages and SPAM: The exact legal regulations for archiving e-mails are often still a closed book.

Free expert know-how

In the new ARTEC whitepaper on legally compliant e-mail archiving, we have therefore prepared the most important aspects for you in an understandable, clear form in a comprehensive document.

Learn among other things:

  • Which laws, regulations and guidelines must be observed?
  • How long do which e-mails have to be kept?
  • What applies in special cases such as private or encrypted e-mails?
  • Which regulations are relevant in Switzerland and Austria?

The new ARTEC whitepaper on legally compliant e-mail archiving is now available here free of charge.

We wish you an informative and exciting read!