5/17/2017: WannaCry attack: Backup or archive alone offer only limited protection

Large-scale ransomware attacks such as "WannaCry" in May 2017 are a constant source of concern. Cybercriminals often exploit vulnerabilities and security holes in operating systems and programs that have already been discovered and for which appropriate patches are actually already available.

Conventional solutions often not secure enough

However, it is often overlooked that conventional backup and archiving systems often do not offer particularly good protection either. They are by no means always a guarantee that data can be restored from there after an attack: Under certain circumstances, the stored data may also be encrypted or deleted by the crypto Trojan. A regular data backup alone is therefore not yet a comprehensive protection.

Good to know: With ARTEC solutions you are on the safe side when it comes to information management and archiving

ARTEC IT Solutions therefore deliberately goes one step further with its solutions such as VSTOR®, VSTOR® Vault and the live archive EMA®, which were developed entirely in Germany. Regardless of source and data format, critical enterprise data is backed up on separate, compartmentalized enterprise systems. Conventional attackers cannot harm this secure data port, which is protected by the special ARTEC operating system AOS and proven trusted computing technologies, among other things.

Quick and easy recovery of important data

If productive systems are affected by an attack, the respective data can be conveniently restored from the live archive with just a few mouse clicks after the infected computers have been cleaned. Simple, fast and uncomplicated! Even when virus scanners and security updates fail, VSTOR®, EMA® and VSTOR® Vault keep corporate data safe and sensibly protected.