7/29/2020: Don’t Let Cat Eat Your Data: Meow Attacks on Database Servers

Attacks against database servers are currently underway under the initially harmless sounding term "Meow". The attacks focus on installations of MongoDB and Elastic Search. Instead of a friendly meowing kitten, "Meow" has very evil intentions. If the attackers succeed in accessing an unprotected database, all content is permanently replaced with random numbers and the word "Meow". According to reports, several thousand insufficiently secured databases have already fallen victim to the automated attacks.

The Secure Alternative: EMA® as Intelligent Object Storage

Luckily there are alternatives. EMA® is an intelligent and also highly secure object storage for many application scenarios. It provides data and document management combined with a high-performance full-text search engine. Unlike database instances, which can easily become accessible via the Internet without protection, EMA® is based on a comprehensive and proven security and compliance concept. This provides the greatest possible protection for sensitive data for both private and public organizations.

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