6/12/2008: Data of German Union Available in Second-Hand Computer Store

Confidential Data of German Union Available in Second-Hand Computer Store

The German unions’ umbrella organization DGB (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund) gives a good example of how not to go about data security: According to a report by the German IT publication Computer Zeitung a hard drive of the organization with confidential data emerged in a second hand computer store.

Numerous job references a redundancy program and a personal letter from the DGB chairman Michael Sommer to the former political leader Franz Muentefering - these are just some examples of the sensitive data purchased by a journalist in Munich for a few Euros.

The reporter was doing research for the German TV show K1 and had acquired several hard drives in second hand computer stores near Munich’s Central Station. This is how he got hands on the hard drive in question which had been in use at ver.di a DGB sub-organization.
The sensitive data was insufficiently deleted and could be easily retrieved by the help of a simple recovery program.

This is yet another example to emphasize the importance of comprehensive data protection against unauthorized use: And it is precisely the reason why ARTEC offers ist e-mail archiving solution EMA® with integrated AES encryption. As the appliance also offers the possibility to archive all other electronic documents it provides users with effective means to prevent data abuse.