11/9/2021: Compatibility of family and career: ARTEC is "Family-friendly company Wetterau 2021

Family-compatible work, home office or "parent-child office" - for us, the compatibility of family and career has been a focus for a long time. An approach that has now been officially recognised. Because we have been awarded the title "Family-friendly company Wetterau 2021".

Family-friendliness is not only expressed in the form of a single, concrete measure, but rather runs like a thread through the entire corporate culture. For example, there are long-standing employees who got to know ARTEC during their school days and have remained loyal to us to this day. There is also a strong focus on topics such as training and studies, as ARTEC is active, for example, in the dual study program of the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM).

Flexibility and various part-time models are a matter of course for us, for example, in order to be able to combine special challenges such as nursing or caring for relatives with professional duties. Parents also have the option of bringing their offspring to the office simply and easily if the worst comes to the worst.

The "Wetterau Family-Friendly Company" award is presented every two years by the Wetterau district and the Working Group for Career Re-entry. The focus is on companies in the region that are leading the way with good examples and interesting concepts for reconciling family and career.