9/24/2014: VSTOR® Vault: Storage Solutions by ARTEC

ARTEC has introduced a new line of storage solutions with VSTOR® Vault. The new product family complements existing solutions, such as EMA® and VSTOR®, but can also be used independently of these products, because it also integrates well into various IT infrastructures.

VSTOR® Vault supports all major storage connectivity technologies. In addition to direct-attached (DAS) versions, NAS and SAN arrays with iSCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity options are also available. The new product family was launched with the goal of offering customers high-quality storage solutions with medium to high capacity at an attractive price-performance ratio. Easy administration and manageability were also two important cornerstones. VSTOR® Vault is the answer to many problems in digital information management, legally compliant long-term archiving, and big data.

More details about VSTOR® Vault can be found at http://www.artec-it.de/Produkte_und_Loesungen/VSTOR_Vault/Uebersicht.aspx.