11/19/2015: Trusted Computing: Stay Safe with ARTEC

The Federal Government of Germany recently announced revised plans about trusted computing for 2016. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is also involved. The revised plans include adressing and specifying various applications of trusted computing in different sectors and industries.

ARTEC's successfully implemented trusted computing technologies in theEMA and VSTOR® information management appliances several years ago and is among the pioneers using this technology.

The "Trusted EMA®" and "Trusted VSTOR®" modules are based on trusted computing and provide a particularly high level of data security. These features offer a tamper protection mechanism with built-in auditing that works both locally and in the cloud.

Find more information about archiving and digital information management using trusted computing at http://www.artec-it.de/Auf_einen_Blick/Features/Trusted_EMA.aspx.