12/10/2012: Trend BIG DATA: Strong Growth

"BIG DATA" is currently among the most important trends in IT. Vast, constantly increasing amounts of data require companies to come up with completely new approaches to handling and management.

When talking to IT managers about current trends these days, "BIG DATA" is a term that gets mentioned again and again. The term not only refers to large amounts of data increasing at exorbitant speeds, but also to the fact that high-performance handling and management must be accounted for.

More and more organizations are recognizing that information can be of tremendous value if it can be used in technically feasible manner that allows users to search for and access information easily. In particular, rapid access to information can significantly contribute to a significant improvement in workplace efficiency.

Leading analysts also clearly confirm this fact, and forecast a strong growth in BIG DATA investments. According to the latest research, each employee spends, on average, over one hour per day searching for information and data.

VSTOR® by ARTEC offers sophisticated, readily available solutions for BIG DATA and enables businesses and organizations to implement comprehensive and high-availability information management. Even large and very large amounts of data can be managed and used with ease. In the light an ever-increasing flood of content resulting from BIG DATA, VSTOR® gives organizations a means to regain sovereignty over their information.

In addition, VSTOR® supports storing information based on their importance. Less important and rarely accessed data can be placed on low-cost storage media, and always remains available on demand.