6/23/2008: Deutsche Telekom Asserts Data Security

Deutsche Telekom Asserts Data Security

Deutsche Telekom is struggling with the consequences of the so called "spy affair” ("Spitzelaffäre”). The case once more underscores the significance of comprehensive data security measures. ARTEC’s appliance EMA® shows how this may be done successfully.

"Customer data is safe at Deutsche Telkeom", says René Obermann in Spiegel Online. The Chairman of the Board of the German telecommunications giant thereby responds to worries about potential data abuse by Deutsche Telekom. The example illustrates once again how important it is for businesses to implement effective measures for the protection of sensitive data. That is exactly why ARTEC’s archive appliance EMA® promotes a far reaching security approach on the basis of encryption, digital signatures, and a corresponding roles and rights concept.

This approach ensures that only authorized staff may read and use sensitive data. The actual location of the data is utterly irrelevant: So that even if data is being stolen, it is completely worthless for the perpetrator because they neither have the necessary rights nor the key to decrypt it.