8/31/2020: Teams Chats Deleted at KPMG: How To Secure Chats

In addition to e-mails, more and more companies and organizations are using chat systems for internal coordination and communication with customers and partners.

The pitfalls and dangers that can be associated with this, however, are illustrated by a recent incident at the globally active auditing company KPMG, which is currently being reported on by various media. Seemingly by accident, thousands of chat histories in the Microsoft Teams application were deleted there. Since the data obviously cannot be recovered, access to the information and arrangements is no longer possible.

The case shows very impressively that even with chat and collaboration solutions, attention should be paid to permanent and secure archiving of communication. Because quite similarly as for example for e-mails also for chats depending upon contents the appropriate storage regulations can apply. And in practice, such systems are now often used for important, business-critical agreements and arrangements.

EMA® Ensures Secure Archiving of Team Chats

EMA® is able to automatically capture Teams chats and archive them in a legally compliant manner through folder synchronization in conjunction with Microsoft 365. In this way, it is possible to save the chat histories in a second, independent location and store them in a compliance-compliant manner. Familiar EMA® functions such as individual access rules and highly secure deletion periods protected by protocols and the four-eye principle can be used.

Want to learn more about archiving Teams chats with EMA® or folder synchronization in Microsoft 365? Find out how you can implement secure and efficient data management with solutions from ARTEC IT Solutions. The ARTEC team will be happy to provide you with further details at any time.