10/2/2014: Security Update: ARTEC OS Version 4.93

ARTEC will release ARTEC OS Version 4.93 as an automatic update on October 8, 2014. This release will update the "Bash" component. It will resolve a security problem known as "Shellshock,” which received widespread media coverage in the last few days. Bash is a standard command-line interpreter and is widely used. The problem fixed by this update is not specific to ARTEC's products. It affects products from a wide range of industries and manufacturers.

ARTEC's solutions only use Bash in a limited number of places. According to our present knowledge, the security problem only affects features that require administrator access.

After we learned about the problem, our security team immediately developed appropriate countermeasures and solutions. We decided to delay the release of the update for a few days to see if further security problems would arise. The worldwide security community has not yet completed its research. It is currently still looking for other possible security problems in Bash.

The update will automatically install while your appliance is running. Your production environment will not experience any downtime while your appliance installs the update. The update process will only take a few seconds. With ARTEC OS 4.93, we once again promptly provide our customers with technically efficient solutions to critical challenges. We remain true to our promise of providing our customers with a secure solution that offers high functionality.

If you have questions or need further information about this update, please feel free to contact our support team. Our support team can also help you perform a manual update to ARTEC OS 4.93 before its release as an automatic update,