6/1/2009: Air Force Generates New Data Scandal

Royal Air Force Generates New Data Scandal

Now the Royal Air Force (RAF), too, has its data scandal. For the affected employees it is about things like drug abuse, legal prosecution, brothel visits, and extramarital affairs.

A report by Computerwoche with references to the BBC and the Guardian claims that the RAF has reason to worry that some of its staff members may soon become a potential target for blackmail attempts. The concern is based on a new data mishap featuring the diversion of several computer hard drives which held explosive information from drug offenses to red light district activities. The data in question had been collected in the course of an internal security check-up.

The unprotected and unencrypted storing of data promotes embarrassments like that, and may be best prevented by tackling the point in time when data is being created, for instance when e-mails are being sent or received.

As an independent study now confirms, ARTEC’s archive appliance EMA® is better than average practice in that respect.