2/26/2016: Legally Compliant Archiving with EMA® from ARTEC at NetApp TechDemo

Legally compliant archiving of e-mail messages and documents is one of the key issues of an event on April 13, 2016 in Stuttgart. ARTEC will participate at this event together with its partner circular, an IT systems and consulting firm.

In an exciting presentation, experts from ARTEC will provide information on implementing flexibly expandable, scalable, and comprehensive archiving of business data. The talk focuses on issues including compliance, seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures, and requirements regarding IT security, which ARTEC addresses using concepts such as trusted computing.

The presentation is rounded off by a live demonstration where visitors can evaluate the practical applications of ARTEC's solutions directly
A TechDemo from the well-known US manufacturer NetApp provides the wider context for the event. NetApp is above all active in the storage solutions and data storage sector.

If you wish to attend, please