1/14/2008: Online Storage in Increasing Demand

Online Storage in Increasing Demand

The analysts at IDC forecast that by 2011, online storage providers will expand by 33% every year. This was reported by the online edition of Computerwoche. Using an EMA E-Mail Archive Appliance®, it is already possible to use online storage space for legally compliant archiving of e-mail messages and documents.
Continuously growing amounts of data make online storage space an attractive alternative to other means of storage. So far - according to Computerwoche.de - it has mostly been used by home users and small businesses. However, this could soon change. Compliant services and recovery tools make online storage a more attractive option for medium sized companies and larger corporations.
This development comes is not surprising for ARTEC: the EMA E-Mail Archive Appliance® was designed to cover all kinds of storage locations; including online storage. EMA® acts as a key that is used to encrypt and decrypt data. Because the data encrypted as Fixed Content using 128 bit AES encryption, the actual storage location is irrelevant.