3/18/2021: After major fire in the cloud data center: Separate copy of all data is indispensable

A spectacular major fire recently rocked the IT world. The fire in a data center in Strasbourg, France, not only destroyed hardware such as servers and hard drives, but also something much more valuable: company data that may not always be recoverable. This is because apparently some customers of the affected cloud provider have refrained from additionally backing up their data at another location. Irreparable damage, whose consequences are not yet fully foreseeable.

Deceptive security

It's true that modern, certified data centers are protected against fires, water damage, break-ins and other hazards in a variety of ways and usually multiple ways - from early warning systems to state-of-the-art physical and digital security measures. However, the current incident shows very clearly that there is ultimately no such thing as one hundred percent security, no matter what standards and certifications a data center complies with. And the general recommendation to activate the "disaster recovery plan" in the event of such an incident only helps if such a plan is actually in place.

Geographical distance creates security

Regardless of whether the primary data storage is in the cloud or on-premises, ARTEC IT Solutions therefore strongly advises keeping an independent and completely separate copy of all important data at all times. Whether the data is stored on-site in the company or, for example, in a second, geographically separate cloud data center depends on individual wishes and requirements. The incident in France, for example, shows that even a few kilometres distance would have ensured absolute security of the copy.

Realize a secure data safe with EMA®

With EMA®, ARTEC offers the possibility of creating a separate "data vault" in which a separate, secured and encrypted copy of all relevant company data is stored. If necessary - for example, in the event of a failure of other storage systems - the data can be restored within a very short time. This also protects against data loss in the event of cyber attacks. This is because the data kept unchanged with EMA® remains invisible and inaccessible to attacks.

Would you like to learn more about how you can optimally secure your data with EMA®, work more productively and usefully supplement your existing IT infrastructure? Our team will be happy to provide you with further details at any time.