5/5/2015: New at ARTEC: EMA®/VSTOR S60 and S120

We are pleased to introduce two powerful new solutions that meet the requirements of smaller companies: the VSTOR® and EMA® S60 and S120 appliances. Both are available immediately.

These new and modern appliances will replace the currently available S40 and S100 appliances and offer innovative technology with significantly improved performance. Enjoy up to 30% higher throughput and access all of your information in seconds.

Both contain more powerful components than their predecessors do. The VSTOR® and EMA® S60 and S120 appliances have been optimized for low energy consumption and quiet operation. Both meet the requirements of modern data centers.

The appliances use a standard 19" chassis, which seamlessly integrates into standard racks found in typical IT infrastructures. In scenarios where placement inside a rack is not feasible, the very low depth of the chassis also allows both models to be set up as desktop appliances. The new chassis design also allows the S60 and S120 appliances to be combined with ARTEC's other solutions, and makes it easier to set up federated configurations.

Both appliances use ARTEC's unique "Trusted EMA®" or "Trusted VSTOR®" technology, which are based on Trusted Computing technology. This ensures maximum data security and makes it impossible to circumvent security measures by tampering with the hardware. Both appliances are available immediately.