11/24/2009: Secretary of Justice Attempts to Regain Lost Trust

Secretary of Justice Attempts to Regain Lost Trust

The latest data mishaps have an impact on the public. The issue of data privacy remains very sensitive. ARTEC's Archive Appliance EMA® addresses the problem with far reaching security features.

Scandals about tapped phone conversations, the unintentional loss of sensitive data or maybe plain theft: The public is obviously very concerned about the many alarming incidents in the context of data privacy. Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, the German Secretary of Justice, now takes action and attempts to regain some of the lost trust. That is what datensicherheit.de reports with reference to the German daily TAZ.

Yet above all data privacy and protection need solid approaches, especially when it comes to the implementation of appropriate technologies. All approaches on the basis of human promises are bound to fail, however.

Among other things, the Four-Eye-Principle is just one feature in ARTEC's archive appliance EMA® to provide better safety.

This and the many other security measures assure the protection and integrity of the data archived by EMA®. A study by provet, a research and consultancy unit at the University of Kassel, indicates just that.