10/28/2015: More Performance and More Possibilities: Hats off to ARTEC OS 5.0

We are delighted to present ARTEC OS 5.0 (AOS 5.0)!

This new major version provides the software foundation for ARTEC's EMA® and VSTOR® appliances.

This new major version provides many additional features. A new database enables significantly improved performance.

Federated Search for EMA® and VSTOR®

Federated Search is now available for all users of EMA® and VSTOR®. Federated Search allows individual appliances to communicate with each other. All permissions that handle access to information are directly negotiated between the appliances holding the actual data. Data security is fully managed by each individual appliance within the search federation.

Make Information Available without Transferring Data Across Borders

These features make it possible to make information and content available without having to transfer it across borders; an important factor given the current problems regarding the "Safe Harbor" regulations. Federated Search also allows you to implement key applications, such as information management, search and find, eDiscovery, etc. in high-security environments without centralizing data.

Optimized Archive Organization

Assigning attributes is now possible based on rules for file and folder names, which provides an even higher level of convenience when archiving files. Each task allows you to define a customized set of rules for assigning attributes. Attribute values are then extracted from folder and file names. This makes manually assigning attributes, such as tags, a thing of the past.

AOS 5.0 also provides new, customizable filtering for e-mail messages. Regular expressions can now be used to filter messages based on e-mail header information, which makes it easier for you to organize the contents of your archive.

For more information about the new features and improvements in AOS 5.0, please refer to our detailed press release.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.