6/22/2009: Juristic Surveys Praise Legal Security of EMA® Appliance

Juristic Surveys Praise Legal Security of EMA® Appliance

Legally compliant e-mail archiving remains a hot button issue, because the subject matter is tricky and prompts many questions on the side of the users. However, with ARTEC’s EMA® appliance they receive a simple and safe solution.

What kind of e-mails must be archived? How to go about that and what technologies need to be used? Questions like that move users time and again, because they need reliable answers to deal with these issues. On Documanager.de, the Munich based lawyer Max-Lion Keller delivers yet another survey of the most common questions regarding the topic.

However, businesses feel left alone when it comes to choosing a suitable solution for regulatory compliant archiving. With ARTEC‘s appliance EMA® they not only receive a secure, but also an easy implement system.

Different studies show that ARTEC’s solution covers the legal issues better than average: for instance the independent provet-study directed by Professor Dr. Rossnagel or the research provided by the experienced lawyer Woflgang Maus. Both studies are available upon request.