11/27/2014: Secure up to 40% Funding for Secure Information Management Projects in Saxony!

The Free State of Saxony (Germany) is about start subsidizing up to 40% of IT projects that improve the level of information security in small and medium-sized companies. Grant applications are already being dispatched to companies. ARTEC's EMA® and VSTOR® solutions help you reduce the amount of unstructured business data, turn your data into searchable information, and allow you to archive it in accordance with applicable laws and compliance regulations.

Our products provide secure access to all information within your company, and are fully eligible to receive the 40% subsidy.

EMA® and VSTOR® by ARTEC IT Solutions both support e-mail messages, printed documents, files, and voice data (VoIP) independent of the underlying data format, size, or source. Our solutions securely store the information you need and help you retrieve it in seconds when you need it.

The subsidy program is targeted at SMEs located in Saxony, Germany that work in the areas of manufacturing, trade, commerce, and commercial services.

More information about prerequisites and eligible expenditures can be found on the website of the Sächsische AufbauBank at http://www.sab.sachsen.de/de/p_wirtschaft/detailfp_wi_62720.jsp?m=35920. This information is only available in German.