10/12/2020: Secure Funding Now: Use EMA® for Your Digitization Projects

In the healthcare sector, the safe and secure handling of sensitive data is an absolute prerequisite. With the constant threat of ransomware attacks, no organization is truly protected from becoming the target of such an attack. Recent cases of affected hospitals provide very strong evidence of this.

Funding Zukunftsprogramm Krankenhäuser"

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your position in the area of IT security and benefit from current funding opportunities for your digitization projects at the same time!

As part of the "Zukunftsprogramms Krankenhäuser", the Federal Ministry of Health, together with the States of Germany, is funding projects in emergency capacities, digitalisation and IT security in hospitals with over 4 billion euros. One of the explicit requirements is that 15 % of the funding must flow into projects relating to IT security.

Separate "Data Vault": EMA® Minimizes the Damage and Eliminates the Costs of Cyber Attacks

EMA® offers you a way to reduce the consequences of cyber attacks to a minimum and eliminate ransomware, completely independently of existing IT security measures. The solution creates a completely separate, secured and encrypted copy of all relevant data of your organization and stores it in the directly connected VSTOR® Cyber Recovery Vault - a place like a "data vault" that is invisible and therefore inaccessible for attacks. This is all the more important as healthcare institutions in particular have recently been increasingly targeted by cyber attacks.

Continue Working Without Interruption

Even if an attack on parts of the IT should be successful: Thanks to EMA®, it is possible to restore lost data in a matter of seconds at the click of a mouse. EMA® ensures that you can continue to work even in the event of an attack. EMA® secures and vaults your data immediately after you set it up.

Get in touch now and find out how you can use EMA® to create a highly secure, separate place for your relevant data and at the same time drive your digitalization forward! Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.