7/23/2020: Illegal Data Retrieval? With Ema, Critical Information Remains Protected

Right-wing extremists sending threatening e-mails based on police data: The current scandal about illegal data retrievals from the Hessian police once again highlights the challenges in dealing with sensitive, critical information. Although the Home Office has since announced that it will reset the permissions for all civil servants to access sensitive data. New access credentials are also to be assigned. But the (massive) damage has already been done.

Holistic Data Management and Data Security With EMA®

Whether personal data or critical business information: As a solution for secure, holistic data management, with EMA® from ARTEC IT Solutions you can rely on a comprehensive protection concept that can effectively prevent such and similar incidents in companies and public authorities.

The basis for this is the EMA® product range with the Trusted EMA® security features. This technology, which was developed entirely in Germany, protects sensitive data from public authorities or companies like a highly secure safe.

Tamper-Proof Audit Log

EMA® is able to explicitly restrict the search function by means of a granular assignment of rights. Not only can the typical read and write permissions be assigned, but even the search for sensitive data can be optimally regulated - as required, up to blocking the search for individual columns. Additional security with maximum compliance is provided by EMA®'s four-eye principle, which restricts access by individual persons and thus prevents the misuse of data.

At the same time, all permitted searches are logged by EMA® without gaps and in compliance with data protection regulations. In this way, it is possible to trace exactly who started a search with which search term and when, from where the access took place, which document may have been opened, etc. This search log itself is also stored in a tamper-proof manner according to EMA® standards by means of a digital signature as well as a time and date stamp.

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