10/1/2009: Hessian State Officials Curious about EMA® Archive Appliance

Hessian State Officials Curious about EMA® Archive Appliance

Who said what to whom at what time? Issues like that are very often the source of heated discussions in a business environment. A problem – which ARTEC now wants to solve in a state supported project. So it is no surprise that Hessian Secretary of Arts and Science Eva Kühne-Hörmann and her colleague Secretary of Economy Dieter Posch display keen interest for ARTEC’s EMA® Archive Appliance.

Providing binding evidence regarding who said what to whom is very often next to impossible these days. Yet ARTEC addresses this problem in the frameworks of a promotion program by the German federal state of Hesse. And in just a matter of time and on the basis of its patented digital signatures, ARTEC will provide an answer and a possibility to archive voice data so that it is regulatory compliant and legally binding.

However, data privacy is an issue that must not be missed out on this project. So ARTEC works closely with provet, a consultancy unit at the University of Kassel. provet provides the necessary expertise to make sure that the design of this top-notch technology is lawful.

Eva Kühne-Hörmann and Dieter Posch recently took the chance in Wiesbaden to get a status report on the project. Our picture shows Friedhelm Peplowski, Director Sales and Marketing, answering questions by the Hessian state officials.