4/28/2014: ARTEC Products Not Affected by "Heartbleed" SSL Security Vulnerability

Many users are currently concerned about the so-called "Heartbleed" security vulnerability. It causes connections secured by the OpenSSL software to become vulnerable to attacks. However, ARTEC's customers can rest assured that the EMA® and VSTOR® product families remain safe and are completely unaffected by the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability.

Customers once again benefit from our extensive development work and preventive safety measures. This is because all of ARTEC's solutions use the company's hardened custom appliance operating system called ARTEC Operating System (AOS), which was fully developed in Germany. Technically similar to device firmware, the particularly robust ARTEC OS is pre-installed exclusively on specially selected, high-quality hardware components. SSL encryption technologies used by ARTEC's solutions have also been customized and are augmented by software components that were developed in-house.

ARTEC's customers benefit from significant security advantages as a result of the above. This is because many competing vendors create solutions based on off-the-shelf components that are potentially easier to attack. Although unaffected by the SSL security vulnerability, ARTEC strives to continue improving all of its products, in order to provide customers with a maximum level of security at all times.