3/10/2011: EMA® Cloud Service: Flexible Archiving that Adapts to Your Needs

ARTEC has launched the EMA® Cloud Service; a truly flexible solution for any organization seeking to implement legally compliant archiving of business data.

Billing is based on actual usage, such as on the number of users. Therefore, no high initial investment is necessary. Based on the proven modular concept that also powers EMA®, customers can freely mix and match the components they need. Using this approach, customers can create a truly customized archiving solution that best serves the needs of their organization.

The EMA® Cloud Service also places special emphasis on data security. In combination with the integrated EMA® security features, a private cloud concept guarantees maximum data protection and prevents the manipulation of archived data. EMA® also includes special security features that allow a secure operation of the archive even when it is used in a public cloud. Customers thus remain independent of any specialized infrastructures and always retain complete control over their data. The result: worry-free and secure digital information management in the cloud.