11/26/2014: EMA® and VSTOR®: New Direct Cloud Services

In addition to the existing private cloud solutions, our products are now also available as direct cloud versions. Choose between hosting EMA® or VSTOR® in our own data centers, or in data centers operated by one of our certified partners. Take advantage of digital information management and secure archiving with maximum protection against unauthorized access. Data security is guaranteed, because all of our products use advanced technologies, such as Trusted Computing.

Our direct cloud services are perfect for all companies and organizations that value high flexibility, universal access, and quick and easy scalability. All of our cloud solutions quickly adapt to changing requirements, and make it possible to operate a safe and efficient IT infrastructure without costs spiraling out of control.

For more information, visit http://www.artec-it.de/Produkte_und_Loesungen/Cloud_Services/Uebersicht.aspx.