10/15/2007: EMA® Users Worry Less

EMA® Users Worry Less

Once again, it has become evident that users of EMA® need not worry about the security and integrity of their data: The law form IT-Recht-Kanzlei has discussed the legal framework of e-mail archiving in form of a lecture. (Link: IT-Recht-Kanzlei. The EMA E-Mail Archive Appliance® already supports all of the requirements formulated there.

The issue of e-mail archiving is moving tempers. There are still several pitfalls to watch out for. Max-Lion Keller, an attorney from Munich also knows this and discusses it in his lecture "Die rechtlich zwingende Archivierung von E-Mails - was sollte durch eine IT-Betriebsvereinbarung geregelt werden?". When Max-Lion Keller speaks of secure e-mail retention, what he means includes:

  • Every e-mail must be archived in an immutable state; including any attachments, if the e-mail itself is not understandable without attachments.
  • Every e-mail must be accessible through appropriate retrieval techniques (e.g. indexing with meta-data).
  • No e-mail may be deleted or otherwise destroyed before its retention period has expired.
  • Every e-mail must be available for display and printing in exactly the same format it was originally stored in.
  • All e-mail messages must be recoverable in a short amount of time.

These requirements and many more (Link: EMA®-Features)are already covered by the comprehensive security features of the EMA E-Mail Archive Appliance®. Therefore, users of EMA® need not worry about their data.