10/6/2014: Digitized Textbooks: Big Data for Universities

The European Court of Justice has recently held that university libraries can digitize and make textbooks in their collection available to patrons without the consent of publishers.

This is a completely new field for many university libraries, and also a daunting task due the fact that the inventory often spans several million publications even in smaller facilities.

Tackling the problem requires an appropriate solution that can manage these enormous data sets easily and efficiently. ARTEC IT Solutions' VSTOR® and EMA® product families provide proven solutions for digital information management and legally compliant long-term archiving, and are ideal for the creation of digital libraries. ARTEC's products easily manage large and very large amounts of data, and provide an intelligent full-text search engine that makes it accessible to users.

The Scan to Archive® module is perfectly suited for the digitization of conventional documents, books, and records. As a fully integrated solution, it supports automatic scanning and OCR. It also offers extensive security features, including electronic date and time stamps, digital signatures, and encryption. ARTEC's VSTOR® and EMA® product families provide an ideal way for universities to prepare the digitalization of their libraries publication.

The decision of the European Court of Justice primarily refers to a special form of use. If university libraries only grant students, teachers, and other visitors access to publications using specialized reading devices that do not offer free printing or copying to a USB stick, the copyright holder does not need to be compensated. Additional purchases of e-book versions are also not required.