4/27/2009: Data Privacy Continues to Gain Significance for Businesses

Data Privacy Continues to Gain Significance for Businesses

The significance of issues like data protection and privacy in the context of e-mail-systems continues to increase. That is one of lessons to be learned from the latest report by the German Federal Data Protection Commissioner, Peter Schaar. ARTEC’s appliance EMA® provides maximum support for businesses with a smart product approach.

The handling of e-mail-data represents a very tricky issue for organizations. That is one of the conclusions to be drawn from the latest report by Peter Schaar, the German Federal Data Commissioner – Welt Online reports.

On the one hand, companies have to archive business relevant e-mails while on the other hand, they need to comply with employees’ rights, such as privacy issues. To support organizations effectively ARTEC offers ist EMA® appliance with the so called 4-Eye-Principle. This roles and rights concept lets users determine, that certain activities at the archive may only be performed by two or more authorized users in combination. This may be, for instance, the retrieval of an e-mail by a system administrator and a union’s representative in the absence of an employee.

These activities are automatically logged so that people in charge may document who did what at the archive.