12/21/2009: Data Protection Needs 4-Eye-Principle

Data Protection Needs 4-Eye-Principle

The legal scholars of the renowned Project Group Constitution Compatible Technology Development (provet) at the German University of Kassel, which is lead by Prof. Dr. Roßnagel, have provided a statement to the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, in which they demand a Four-Eye-Principle.

The treatment of user data is a highly sensitive topic. This is currently being illustrated by the public debate about the telecommunications data retention law in Germany.

In a statement for the German Federal Constitutional Court, the renowned data protection and privacy expert Prof. Dr. Alexander Roßnagel demanded a Four-Eye-Principle for the treatment and storage of data.

ARTEC has already recognized and addressed the significance of these delicate issues with its EMA® Archive Appliance. The appliance provides Four-Eye-Principle authentication, encrypts and signs archived data, and logs all accesses in a secure, unchangeable log file in order to guarantee data privacy and data protection in the context of regulatory compliant archiving of electronic data.

The compliance of ARTEC's implementation of Four-Eye-Principle authentication has also been verified in a separate report by the Project Group Constitution Compatible Technology Development (provet), which states that EMA® offers a lawful technical solution to protecting privacy and keeping data safe.