10/28/2008: Publishing House Gets Impersonal with Personals

Publishing House Gets Impersonal with Personals

Springer, one of Germany’s best known publishing companies, is in the news because of a revelation of an unwelcome kind: Thousands of sensitive data records of the company’s personal ads clients may have been freely available on the web.

Marriage minded Springer advertising clients are not very likely to be pleased when they learn that their sensitive data may have been freely accessible on the internet. As the German Computerwoche reports with references to an article by Der Spiegel thousands of customer records of Springers’s advertising journal spin-off WBV may have been posted on the web since September and could be browsed with search engines like Google. The data include the clients’ names, addresses, mobile numbers, and bank account details.

According to a Springer statement, the publishing house already recognized the mishap, apologized to its clients, and eliminated the leak’s origin Computerwoche goes on to report.

The case demonstrates the necessity to apply utmost care when it comes to dealing with sensitive data. A comprehensive strategy should include elements like encryption technologies as well as role based access privileges. ARTEC’s EMA® appliance combines these and other features to ensure the protection and proper use of important data.