11/11/2011: Cloud Storage: ARTEC Urges Organizations to Pay Attention

Cloud storage services are enjoying an increasing level of popularity in Germany. Nevertheless, ARTEC urges organizations interested in cloud storage to pay attention. It is very important to verify what kind of service provider sensitive company information is entrusted to.

For example, if company data is hosted outside of the EU on servers that reside in the United States, this can cause significant problems from a legal point of view. ARTEC advises interested companies to seek detailed advice before making any commitments.

To make the data storage in cloud infrastructures safer in general, ARTEC has implemented a comprehensive security concept for its archiving and information management appliances, which include EMA® and eDiscovery (global search). Information and content remain accessible at all times, independent of the physical storage location. The entire content collection can be accessed using a powerful full-text search engine.