10/6/2008: Fine in Affair about Forged E-Mail

Fine in Affair about Forged E-Mail

Dieter Schoenland, the former internet service provider of the German conservative party (CDU) in the federal state of Brandenburg, trips over an apparent bogus e-mail. The attention gripping case once more underscores the necessity to implement counterfeit proof e-mail-archiving solutions such as EMA®, the archive appliance by ARTEC.

According to a report by Heise Online forgery, defamation, a false affidavit, and slander make up the the list of offenses a district court in Potsdam/Germany found Dieter Schoenland guilty of. In a 2006 press conference, the former internet service provider of the CDU in Brandenburg had accused Rico Nelte, the general director of the local party organization, of systematically spying on the party’s regional board of directors. To substantiate his claim, Schoenland presented a would-be-email by Nelte, whose authenticity the latter disputed. The CDU responded with a punishment order against Schoenland. Now the court had to decide and followed the testimony given by a court appointed expert who concluded that the content of the e-mail in question could have been manipulated.

To protect against such embarrassments it takes a comprehensive approach to forgery-proof archiving of e-mails. And that is precisely what ARTEC offers its clients with the archive appliance EMA®. Key elements of this device include the adherence to secure encryption methods and the use of digital time and date stamps. This puts EMA® users in a position to prove the authenticity of an e-mail beyond reasonable doubt and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive contents.