5/14/2014: Retention Requirements for Voice Data: ARTEC Provides Ready to Use Solution

In a growing number of countries, organizations are facing the challenge of recording and archiving voice data, such as telephone calls, in a legally compliant manner. In Switzerland, for example, many financial firms are affected by a relatively new regulation introduced by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Directive FINMA RS 2008/38 requires internal and external phone calls and electronic correspondence to be recorded. One area affected by the new regulation is consulting. Correspondence must now be retained in order to give evidence of conversations and agreements made with customers and business partners.

Together with its partners, ARTEC IT Solutions is pleased to offer the EMA® "Voice to Archive®" module as the ideal turnkey solution that allows organizations impacted by the new regulation to become compliant. Voice to Archive® allows you to create legally compliant and secure recordings of voice data, and is easy to integrate into a general corporate archive. Required information can be found in seconds, and is easily restored when necessary. The solution was designed with compliance to existing privacy regulations in mind. It smoothly integrates into your organization without requiring changes to your existing IT and telecommunications infrastructure Compatibility with respect to future technical developments ensures that your investment remains usable over a long period of time.

We would be happy to tell you more about Voice to Archive®, and can also discuss possible application scenarios with you. Feel free to contact us!