12/13/2012: ARTEC Warns About Risks in Virtual Infrastructures

Why businesses and organizations should take special care when using virtualized solutions and storing data in the cloud.

Not even companies people would consider impenetrable can avoid successful hacker attacks. According to recent media reports, a renowned manufacturer of security and archiving solutions has recently become the victim of hacker intrusion. What would the financial impact and accompanying negative publicity of a successful breach mean for your organization?

In the light of recent attacks, ARTEC advises to caution when working with virtualized IT infrastructures. These are becoming increasingly popular with businesses and organizations. However, they also pose very significant risks, which are often underestimated.

This is why ARTEC's solutions for digital information management, BIG DATA, and archiving make use of a comprehensive security model. Appliance-based encryption and secure access key management ensure that the owner always retains full control and sovereignty over all information regardless of where it is stored. This also allows cloud storage to be used securely.