10/22/2015: Greater Performance for Digital Information Management and Archiving

ARTEC IT Solutions Releases ARTEC OS 5.0 for EMA® and VSTOR® Appliances

Karben, October 22, 2015 – ARTEC IT Solutions, provider of solutions for big data, eDiscovery, digital information management, and legally compliant long-term archiving, is announcing the immediate availability of ARTEC OS 5.0 (AOS 5.0). This new major version, which forms the software basis for the ARTEC appliance solutions EMA® and VSTOR®, provides numerous additional features and options.

Greater Performance Using New Database

The system now provides users with the option of using a new database that further significantly increases the overall performance.

New Federated Search

Federated Search was also enhanced, and it is now available for all EMA® and VSTOR® users for the first time as part of AOS 5.0. Federated Search allows individual appliances to communicate with each other.

All access permissions to the corresponding data and information are negotiated directly between individual appliances. Also, all security-related measures, such as data encryption, the use of secure connections, the verification of access permissions, etc. are already a part of this feature. As a result, no further administrative measures (e.g. firewall configuration) are necessary.

This function makes it possible to provision information and content without having to transfer data across national borders, an important factor given current "Safe Harbor" issues. EMA® and VSTOR® make it possible to implement key applications such as information management, search and find, eDiscovery, etc. without requiring data centralization in highly secure environments.

Optimized Archive Organization

Assigning attributes is now possible based on rules for file and folder names, which provides an even higher level of convenience when archiving files. Each task allows you to define a customized set of rules for assigning attributes. Attribute values are then extracted from folder and file names. This makes manually assigning attributes, such as tags, a thing of the past. AOS 5.0 also provides new, customizable filtering for e-mail messages. Regular expressions can now be used to filter messages based on e-mail header information, which makes it easier for you to organize the contents of your archive. For example, it is now possible to create filters on the importance or mailing list association of individual messages.

Various Other Improvements

Other new features in AOS 5.0 include the import and export of delegates in CSV files and an improved CSV export of search results (available as an option), which supports the export of attributes and a detailed configuration mechanism for files. When using File to Archive®, a module for archiving files, a new viewer is available for images, PDF files, and text documents. This makes it faster and more convenient to find needed information directly from the search results screen. In addition, ARTEC has implemented several key improvements in the underlying operating system.

Automatic Update for Existing Customers

AOS 5.0 will be distributed to existing customers as an automatic update and is available to new customers with every EMA® or VSTOR® appliance. With the EMA® and VSTOR® product lines, ARTEC IT Solutions offers solutions for legally compliant, source and format independent archiving of business information, such as e-mail messages, documents, or voice recordings, as well as digital information management for companies and organizations. The VSTOR® Vault product family provides mass storage that works well with these solutions.

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