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Online Business Hub Day Special treeConsult | 2021 | Germany

On 17.03.2021 at 13:30 the Online Business Hub Day Special of our partner treeConsult will take place. The event deals with the topic "Implementing data erasure concepts effectively, protecting information." In line with this content, we will be present with a contribution on the topics of deletion concepts, data management and archiving.

You are welcome to register on the website of treeConsult.

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The major fire in a data center in France shows once again that one should also think about a second secure data copy. More

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Customers in Switzerland benefit from the cooperation with the telecommunications and IT specialist

Karben, 02.02.2020 - ARTEC IT Solutions and Swisscom have reached a cooperation agreement. As a result, companies and organisations in Switzerland will in future be able to purchase ARTEC solutions directly from Swisscom.

The leading manufacturer of data management and data security solutions and Swisscom ( will work together in the future to make ARTEC's solutions even better known in Switzerland and to further expand market share. ARTEC customers and partners benefit from Swisscom's comprehensive industry and IT expertise and receive competent support for all aspects of the products and their implementation.

"As part of its B2B 3rd Party Services, Swisscom is continuously expanding its portfolio with solutions from various IT partners. We are convinced that with ARTEC we can add an important element to our portfolio and thus meet the needs of our customers", says Dario Di Cerbo, Business Development for Swisscom B2B 3rd Party Services.

Based on the EMA® system, ARTEC IT Solutions offers an innovative solution portfolio in the areas of data security and data management. Companies, organizations and authorities worldwide are thus in a position to store their data of any kind in a legally secure manner, to keep it efficiently usable and to protect it effectively against cyber attacks. This extends to a "data vault" in the form of a completely separate, secured and encrypted copy of all relevant data, independent of existing IT security solutions.

"Swisscom is not only the largest and certainly best-known telecommunications provider in Switzerland, but also one of the most important IT companies in the country," explains Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "We are very pleased to be working with the market-leading provider in Switzerland in the future. At the same time, we are convinced that Swisscom's implementation expertise and know-how in areas such as digitisation, IT security and cloud represent very significant added value for our Swiss customers."

PDF (German, 119 kB)

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Wetterauer Zeitung | Expand broadband

The Wetterauer Freidemokraten informed themselves recently with the Karbener company ARTEC IT Solutions AG about current development. The Wetterauer Freidemokraten informed themselves recently with the Karbener company ARTEC IT Solutions AG about current development.

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