Archiving made easy: Upgrade your Microsoft 365 system

Many companies are currently considering a move to Microsoft 365, and cloud solutions are also becoming increasingly popular in general. The advantages are obvious. However, especially when it comes to email archiving, there are a few reasons that speak in favor of independent data storage. Especially in practical use, when you actually need the emails afterwards. Therefore, we have put together a few simple tips for you on how to make your archiving strategy in Microsoft 365 independent, flexible and secure.

Meeting of compliance & legal certainty

In business, legal requirements for email retention must be followed and implemented. However, the normal archiving function in Microsoft 365 does not automatically fulfill all compliance and legal security requirements. And the usability of being able to quickly find and use e-mails in an emergency is also very limited. This can quickly lead to increased administrative effort and possibly new internal processes.

Our tip: When archiving emails in Microsoft 365, rely on an additional solution like EMA® to keep your emails legally compliant. For example, EMA® has "real" archiving that keeps e-mails in their original format - an important aspect for legally compliant archiving.

Your company, your decisions, your data

Today, flexible solutions are required that adapt to the company and not the other way around. This often conflicts with the long retention times of an archive. That's why we designed EMA® to be as flexible as possible. Want to get out of the Microsoft cloud again or need more storage? No problem, because EMA® has unlimited storage and mailbox sizes and works with any mail server. We give you a perpetual software license, so even if you change your strategy, you can always rely on us completely.

Very important for us: Your data always remains in your hands and in Germany.

Data retention? But securely

As an IT administrator, the responsibility for protecting your own company's data is immense. And experience shows: In the event of a data loss, you are often alone.

Our advice: Protect your data with a second copy and additional security features such as trusted computing, digital signatures, and time and date stamps. This not only ensures tamper-proof storage, but - and this is often overlooked - your data can actually be restored immediately in the event of an emergency.

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