ARTEC can Help with GDPR Compliance

Keeping Personal Data Secure and Transparent

In the form of the new European General Data Protection Regulation, far-reaching regulations on the protection of personal data are coming into force. The EU GDPR, concerns all companies, organisations and institutions that process data from EU citizens.

The Four Protection Goals of the GDPR

A central component of the basic data protection regulation is the four essential protection objectives, which must be observed:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Resilience

When processing and storing personal data, it must therefore be ensured at all times that they are only accessible to authorized persons, that they are protected from manipulation and alteration, that they are actually available when required and that they are secured and processed on systems that are resilient and resistant to the corresponding workloads. In addition to backing up the data, reliable deletion also plays an important role if required. A key word here is the so-called "right to be forgotten" implemented within the GPDR: persons whose data has been processed may, under certain circumstances, demand that it is completely deleted.

Transparency as a Cornerstone

One of the most important cornerstones is transparency: It is important to maintain or gain an overview of how information is distributed within an organization. In many companies, however, this is in reality a colourful, barely comprehensible patchwork carpet: Unstructured data is scattered on a wide variety of systems, applications and storage media, some of which have evolved historically. A complete knowledge of which data is available at all can hardly be realized - not to mention the possibility of accessing this information within a reasonable period of time and with justifiable effort.

EMA®: A Safe Place for All Data

This is exactly where the archiving and information management system EMA® from ARTEC IT Solutions can come into play as an important building block in the context of a superordinate GDPR strategy. The tried and tested solution makes it possible to create a secure, transparent and tamper-proof storage location for all company data. This applies to all relevant document and file types - from e-mails and traditional documents to files in file systems and voice recordings. Even huge amounts of information in distributed databases can be searched through the global EMA® full-text search across the entire network in the shortest possible time. In order to implement legal requirements and compliance regulations, automatic workflows can also be set up for the timely and legally compliant deletion of data after certain periods of time.

The topic of "confidentiality" of data is ensured using a sophisticated encryption concept and clearly defined access rules, including a four-eye principle.

Focus on GDPR: Secure Data Storage with ARTEC

EMA® as a secure place for all corporate data - unattainable for cyber attackers

Live archiving of business-relevant data in compliance with applicable policies

Integration of many different document and file types

Highly transparent thanks to powerful full-text search across all data

Sophisticated encryption concepts with Trusted Computing technology from ARTEC

Protection against manipulation and unauthorized access by digital signatures, time stamps and four-eye principle

Comprehensive logging (log files) for reliable traceability

Classification and automatic deletion of personal data via attributes or dedicated searches

Quick recovery of all data with a single mouse click in case of data loss